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ECU Tuning

                         Features & Benefits

Line Honed
Bored to 4.040"
Torque Plate Honed
Decked (not zero) just a clean up
Lifter Bores Honed
Cam Bearings Installed
Oil Galley Plugs Installed
Brass Freeze Plugs Installed

MachinE Shop

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​​​Block: GM Seasoned 4 Bolt Main 1987-2000
Bore: Size: 4.040"
Rear Seal: 1pc
Main Caps: 4 Bolt Main
Cam Bearings: Installed
Freeze Plugs: Brass freeze plugs
Finished Bore: Yes (Piston size vary, final hone may be needed)

   358 Block Sale 

Cylinder Boring

Head Surfacing

Align Honing

Cylinder Honing 

Block Decking 

Magnaflux/Crack Detection

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Jet Spray

Vapor Blasting

Hot Tanking 

O.D. Grinding 

Custom CNC 4 axis